A Bit About Us

Kappa Edizioni Bologna is a publishing house founded in 1995 by the will of Andrea Baricordi, Massimiliano De Giovanni, Andrea Pietroni and Barbara Rossi. The four, known as Kappa Boys, approaching the world of comics in 1989 with the fanzine “Mangazine”.  In 1990, they participated in the drafting of the encyclopedic “Anime wise guide to Japanese animation cinema”, and it is thanks to their passion that the Japanese comics (manga) was introduced in Italy, reaching the nineties the pinnacle of success.
Kappa Edizioni’s production focuses primarily on comics, producing copyright Italian works in collaboration with artists such as Vanna Vinci, Andrea Accardi, Paul Bacilieri, Roberto Baldazzini, Sara Colaone, Giulio Macaione, Keiko Ichiguchi, Davide Toffolo, Otto Gabos. By foreign labels they are translated authors like the French Joann Sfar and Christophe Blain, Swiss Frederik Peeters, German Ralf Koenig, the Japanese Shinichi Hiromoto, Ebine Yamaji, Mohiro Kitoh, Inio Asano.
It is the Italian publisher of reference of Will Eisner, which publishes the “Archives of Spirit” and several graphic novels.
He works closely with Monkey Punch, creator of “Lupin III” and supervisor of “Lupin III Millennium necklace”, presenting new stories of Italian production of the famous Japanese thief.
Don’t hesitate to check out our section dedicated to the narrative, which takes into its ranks prominent authors like Diana Wynne Jones with “The Howl’s Moving Castle”, Robert Mayer and his “Super, the last hero”, Peter S. Beagle ” the last unicorn “, and interesting essays by Keiko Ichiguchi.